Monday, November 2

She Will Give You What You Desire

If you read this whole bio, you'll have a better understanding of who this Kailee lady is and the way her room operates. Just a quick forward- She has a sarcastic sense of humor and she likes to do "trolly" things a lot. It brings her joy. She doesn't take much seriously on Chaturbate besides the fact that we are all here to have fun in one way or another. 

She does not do PM's, C2C, or privates. 

FYI: She only does explicit sexy time in Ticket shows. Fan club members get access to the ticket shows, as well those who buy tickets. 

Attention: Please DO NOT TIP HER TO DO SOMETHING RANDOM AND THEN GIVE HER A THUMBS DOWN BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T DO IT. If you have a request, please ask prior to tipping for it. For example, it's highly unlikely that She'll drop whatever she is doing and start fucking herself in the ass with a huge dildo because you tipped 25 tokens and commanded her to do so in your tip note. Ask first. 


Q: Who is this peculiar woman? A: Kailee is a cam model character who is using her quarantine time to amuse herself and the masturbators of Chaturbate. When Kailee first began her quarantine, she was torn between spending her extra free time working on a new scrapbooking project, OR live-streaming on a masturbation website. She flipped a coin and the masturbation site won, so here she is today. Her first broadcast was March 17 2020 (however, she is thinking of making a scrapbook of her Chaturbate memories). 

Q: What do I get if I join the fan club? A: If you "take the green pill" and go down the rabbit hole into Kailee's $5.99/month fan club, you will not only receive one free blow job a week, but you will have the ability to remove or alter the clothing filters that Kailee is using. Kailee is actually always nude when streaming, but uses advanced filters as 'clothes', which fan members can remove in the settings. You also get free access to all ticket shows. I do ticket shows when I'm really horny and have time.+. ***** 

Q: What the hell is she doing? Hey lady, this is a website for jerking off, and I'm OUTRAGED that you're not naked. Quit the yodeling/guitar playing/talking, get naked and show me your pussy so I can bust a nut! A: There is no rule in Chaturbate TOS that specifies broadcasters MUST masturbate and be sexy. If you don't like what Kailee is doing, there are literally thousands of other rooms of beautiful ladies to choose from. Kailee does what she feels like doing in the moment. No no need to whine about it :) 

Q: What is her tip menu? A: Kailee does not have a typical tip-menu. She concluded that it's better for herself and others that she not have one. Because, sometimes she doesn't feel like showing her asshole. You wouldn't want her to begrudgingly show her asshole, would you? Kailee typically uses goals she creates in the moment for sexy things, although spontaneous sexy times are also known to occur. We never really know what will happen, to be honest. 

Q: That's a green screen in the background, that's not a real jungle, right? A: The jungle is not a green screen. It's her very private yard located on two acres.... or IS IT?! 

Q: Wtf? First I thought she was Russian, then I thought she was from the South. Next, I thought she was from India or Italy! Why does she keep talking in different accents? A: We don't know. 

Q: What is this room invasion thing that Kailee does? A: Kailee discovered that it's immensely satisfying and fun to rally her viewers together and tip unsuspecting cam models. The first tip of 10,000 ($500) tokens was given March 19 to a cam model, chosen randomly, named Azaraa. Other smaller tips of 1,000 tokens were given to other models the same broadcast. Then we did two 5,000 token tips, two 3,000 tips, and much more. It's a super fun, collective experience for all of us. Who will be the next unsuspecting model? Room "invasions" do not happen every night, but frequently. If you have a model in mind that you would like to suggest to be the recipient of a room invasion, please email 

Q: I thought she was shy? A: Kailee can be very shy at times. Sometimes she lets herself out of her shell and that's when things get weird. 

Q: Do you use a lovense toy, Kailee? A: Not often. Sometimes I turn on my "beta test bluetooth toy", which is completely imaginary but lots of fun. If you're confused by this, feel free to ask me. 

 Visit Kaileeshy's Chaturbate chat room to see for yourself how this blonde babe is so hot. Also follow her to be notified whenever she goes online to never lose a show!

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