Tuesday, October 12

You Don't Want To Miss This Live Broadcaster!!!

Hey Welcome To The Babe Cave! 

Her name is Eva. Short for Evangeline. A blue eyed, petite blonde babe with 32DD boobs. 

In her own words she is a dorky loud sarcastic spastic smart ass who enjoys having silver medallions thrown at her. 

But she is really a sweetheart and very patient, however this babe is not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. 

If you don't enjoy her and what she has to offer then I'm not sure why stay in her room? 

She demands respect to not only herself but also your fellow chaturbaters

Turn up your volume! cause Eva likes to talk and believe it or not this is a CHAT room. 

With that being said I'd like to remind you that her chat is free! If you want her to expose her lady bits then remember to toss those doubloons. 

Visit Eva's Chaturbate chatroom now for a great time and remember to follow her, this way you won't miss any of her shows!!!

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